As Close to Crime: A Green-eyed Monster

[ad_1] Does the ghost of Anna Hopkins haunt the Connor Hotel? Unlikely, in my opinion, but ghost stories sell tickets and I confess that if I were in Jerome, Arizona, I would absolutely take the tour. The corporeal Anna Irene Hopkins nee’ Doherty was certainly a force to be reckoned with. Anna was born in … Read more

As Close to Crime: A Suspicious Death

[ad_1] It was early Wednesday evening, August 23, 1950, when the body of 22-year-old Ann Victoria Barrett was removed from Canoe Lake, located in Philadelphia’s Island League Park (now FDR Park). George Metzer, Sr. and his two children, aged 8 and 15, were out making memories to last a lifetime when they spotted her. The … Read more

“I’m going to tell my grandmother”

[ad_1] InternationalSoundphotos image On November 17, 1947, at 3:30 PM, 5-year-old Myretta Jones left her grandmother’s house with 20 cents and an important job to do. Myretta was asked to walk the few blocks to the Wayside Grocery and buy a can of tomato juice. The Jones family never again saw Myretta alive. (Just a … Read more

As Close to Crime: Living a Lie

[ad_1] It’s difficult to know, some 70+ years after her day in court, just when Irene Koblusz started lying however, this much is certain – by 1946 she was out of control. As Irene stood before Pennsylvania’s U.S. District Court Judge Guy K. Bard on January 11, 1946, she tried to explain how she’d ended … Read more