The Murder of Sylena Jo Dalton & the Disappearance of Allyson Dalton •


What happened to Sylena and Allyson Dalton?

On July 27, 1998, at approximately 12:00 p.m., an unnamed friend went to Sylena’s apartment at 175 South Charles Street Apt. B-8 in Strasburg because Sylena did not show up for work. She discovered Sylena deceased on her living room couch. The friend called another mutual friend, Kelly Fesler, in a panic. Fesler immediately went to Sylena’s apartment, thinking that her two friends were pranking her. When she arrived, she discovered Sylena, covered with a blanket on her living room couch. It was apparent that Sylena had been repeatedly stabbed. She had been deceased for several hours. The two women noticed that Allyson, Sylena’s 10-week-old daughter, was not in the apartment. They also noticed several baby bottles were missing. Both women contacted police, who immediately launched a search for Allyson and began the investigation into Sylena’s death.


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