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Jared Shadeed is a 27 year old immigration attorney who has been missing since July 30, 2023.  There is little information about his case and it is so puzzling.

Jared is originally from Baltimore.

He attended Forest Hills High School for his schooling before moving on to New York University for his Bachelor’s Degree.

During his time at NYU, he interned at Common Cause in Washington, DC, from September to December 2016. He also worked as a Non-resident Research Intern at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, from February to July 2017.

Later, he worked as a business immigration writer at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP in New York, NY, from May 2017 to July 2018.

Jared then pursued a Master of Laws – LLM at Duke University School of Law. He even ventured to Tokyo, Japan, working as a Summer Associate at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu from May to June 2019.

He furthered his studies by working as a Law Clerk at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, from May to August 2020.

His education continued with a Doctor of Law – JD at Duke University School of Law. He eventually worked as a Law Clerk at Grossman Young & Hammond, LLC in Bethesda, Maryland.

This info about the firm is from their website:

Grossman Young & Hammond is an internationally recognized immigration law firm whose foremost goal is Transcending Borders℠ for our clients. Whether that means securing a work visa for a corporate executive, a candidate with critical technical skill, or a trailblazing researcher, guiding you to lawful status in the United States based on investment, representing individuals in deportation proceedings, or advising activists, persecuted individuals, or other attorneys on human rights issues, asylum, and INTERPOL matters, we have the experience and knowledge you deserve.

Jared’s family have said that he was living his dream working at the firm in Washington DC.  Despite that, in Summer 2023, he quit his job.  He was still licensed to practice law in Baltimore and DC.

We know that Jared packed up his white VW Tiguan with DC plates (GU1824) and headed off on a cross country road trip.  

Jared’s friend Ciara has made some posts online.

‘He wanted to do a cross country road trip and music blogging is one of his side hobbies. He covers different concerts. However, he would normally let everyone know about his whereabouts; that was not the case this time around.’

“[Shadeed] did a couple of road trips. He went to Nashville. He went to Indiana. So, I think he was just checking out new places,” said Ciara.

We know that Jared stayed in AirBNBs in Forks, Washington and Los Angeles on his trip.

His last known movement is on July 30.  Jared was seen on CCTV checking into an AirBNB in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.

The images of him have been released.

Jared took his phone, bags and laptop into the property. 

Someone who lives in the area of the AirBNB wrote this comment on Facebook.

We live beside the Airbnb and have footage of him leaving at 1:16pm 7/30 (not returning, I checked all our footage) wearing glasses, a light blue shirt, black shorts and carrying a black tote bag. Can send you our ring video footage. We just heard about this yesterday evening otherwise would have sent earlier. Saw luggage outside the Airbnb for a few days and thought it was very odd but no one came to pick up u til recently.

Jared’s cousin, Patrice Morgan, spoke to the media about how they discovered he was missing.  

“Police stated Shadeed was at an Airbnb and left the Airbnb abandoned and did not return to check out.” She said based on the account of a woman who was listed as his emergency contact for the rental.

“For him to go off the grid like this is very much unlike him and makes no sense,” said Patrice.

I haven’t been able to find any info on how long Jared was meant to stay at the Capitol Hill property, but on August 8, Seattle police contacted his family to let them know that he was missing.

On Thursday, August 17, Jared’s Volkswagen SUV was found in Los Angeles’ Atwater Village neighborhood.  Police believe it was parked there on August 4.  The vehicle even has a parking ticket on the windshield since it hasn’t been moved in days. Investigators say that the keys were found in the vehicle.  

Google maps says that it is around a 16 hour drive between Capitol Hill and Atwater Village.  

Jared’s friends have since left a note on windshield written that says in part, “If you see this, please know that your friends miss you and we love you.”

When Jared’s family and friends started looking into his last movements, they discovered that he had not paid rent at his DC apartment since July 3.  

Police have said that as Jared left all his devices behind in Seattle, there is no digital trail for them to follow after July 30.  

When investigators spoke to Jared’s friends to try to find out more, they discovered that many of them had not heard from him since December 2022.

Jared’s friends say that he enjoys traveling and described him as an “explorer,” but believe he may have taken time off in need of a break.

Ciara spoke about Jared leaving his belongings behind.  “[Leaving] the phone? Definitely not,” she said. “But the laptop, too, because he’s into his writing and he’s working on a book.”

“We’re here to support him, find him, and we’re willing to do everything that we can to make sure he’s ok,” said his college friend, Ayan Nur-Bramwell.  Ayan spoke to the media originally right around the time that Jared’s car was found.

“We’ve been trying to gather a community in Seattle to help us find Jared and truly get the police to be in contact with us,” Ayan saidl. She has been searching for Jared by calling hospitals and mental health facilities in the Seattle area.

“We truly respect Jared and his personal time that he has for himself, you know, but him being missing now for 19 days is very concerning,” said Ayan. 

“[Shadeed] has a big tribe behind him whether he wants to believe it or not. We’re here to support him, find him, and we’re willing to do everything that we can to make sure that he is ok.”

There is a GFM for Jared which has raised almost $3,000.   

Hi! We are the friends and family of Jared Shadeed who has been missing since July 30, 2023. We have created this page to raise funds to retain the services of a private investigator to expedite the search for our loved one. His car was most recently found in Los Angeles in Atwater Village. He was last seen on July 30, 2023 in Seattle leaving his Airbnb and didn’t return. He left his laptop, phone and luggage.

Jared is of African American and Lebanese descent with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.

He also has a couple of tattoos, including a dragon on his right calf, a Roman column on the inside of his arm and a portrait of his mother on his shoulder.

His friends have said he likes to visit coffee shops, museums, hiking trails and concerts.

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