The Murder of Cassidy Rainwater • James Phelps • Missouri


The Confession and Arrest of Timothy Norton

Timothy Norton was interviewed by the FBI investigators at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office on September 20, 2021. During his interview, Norton made a confession for his part in the murder of Cassidy Rainwater. He told investigators that Phelps had kept Cassidy in a cage for a couple of days. He stated Phelps had asked him to come over because Cassidy was asleep on the floor near the front door of the residence. Nelson said that because she was at the front door, it would be easier for them to attack her. When the attack began, he stated he held down Cassidy’s legs while Phelps strangled her with his hands before placing a plastic bag over her head and suffocating her. Norton stated that following Cassidy’s death, Phelps took a brief break before carrying Cassidy’s body outside and securing her to the gentry crane behind the home. He said that he watched Phelps eviscerate Cassidy’s body before dismembering her. Norton further stated that once Phelps was finished, he helped Phelps carry Cassidy’s dismembered body parts into the home, where they placed them in the bathtub.


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