Druggie Parents From Hell: Brandon D. Thoma and Taylor K. Blaha drown their newborn, Kayleen Lee Blaha, so that their meth use would not be found; Both sentenced to up to 50 years in prison


Iowa Parents Drown Baby Daughter in Tub Moments After Birth to Prevent Police from Finding Meth in Her System: Police
Fort Dodge police looking for dead baby in potential homicide
Criminal complaint reveals more information on newborn death
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Parents charged with murder allegedly held baby underwater to stop crying
Police: Couple drowned infant, disposed body to hide drug use
Plea hearing set for Fort Dodge mom accused of drowning newborn in bathtub
What are the charges against Taylor Blaha? Iowa mom gets 50 years in prison for fatally drowning newborn in bathtub
Fort Dodge woman gets 50 years in prison for death, disappearance of her newborn
Dad who kept umbilical cord to ‘remember’ daughter forcefully drowned in bathtub moments after birth is sentenced

Taylor K. Blaha – pled guilty, sentenced to 35-50 years in prison
Brandon D. Thoma – pled guilty, sentenced to 20-50 years in prison


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