US Navy’s Classified Acoustic System Detects Titan Sub’s Implosion on Day of Mysterious Disappearance

Shortly after the Titan submersible embarked on its mission to explore the depths of the ocean and visit the historic Titanic wreckage, the US Navy’s sophisticated acoustic detection system detected a suspicious event that raised concerns of a possible implosion. The Navy’s vigilance began when the vessel lost communication with its mother ship approximately one hour and 45 minutes into the mission on Sunday morning.

According to a US defense official, the Navy’s classified acoustic system captured audio signals that indicated either an explosion or an implosion in close proximity to the location where the Titan was ultimately discovered on Thursday. Although the Navy did not consider the collected data as conclusive evidence, they promptly shared the information with the Coast Guard, which continued its search and rescue efforts.

The official emphasized that while the data was not deemed definitive, it was shared with the Incident Commander to provide assistance in the ongoing mission. This collaboration aimed to enhance the search and rescue operation’s effectiveness and contribute to the understanding of the mysterious disappearance of the Titan submersible.

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