Texas Senate Passes Resolution Restricting Sen. Angela Paxton’s Voting Rights in Husband’s Impeachment Trial

Texas Senate Adopts Rules Prohibiting State Sen. Angela Paxton from Voting in Husband’s Impeachment Trial

The state Senate of Texas has passed new rules that prevent State Sen. Angela Paxton, wife of embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, from participating in her husband’s upcoming impeachment proceedings. The Dallas-area Republican senator had previously stated her intention to fulfill her duties and vote in her husband’s trial, but the Senate’s decision has now restricted her involvement.

The rules, which were adopted ahead of Ken Paxton’s scheduled impeachment trial on September 5, specifically disallow the spouses of court members from voting in impeachment proceedings. According to the resolution, a court member who is the spouse of a party involved in the impeachment trial is considered to have a conflict under the Texas Constitution. Although Sen. Paxton will still be permitted to be present at the trial, she is prohibited from voting on any matter, motion, or question, and is not allowed to participate in closed sessions or deliberations.

The rules were approved by a vote of 25-3, although the names of the senators who voted against the resolution were not immediately disclosed. Notwithstanding the lack of a unanimous vote, Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, acting as the president of the Senate during the vote, asserted that the Republican-controlled chamber remained “united” in other aspects. Patrick emphasized the shared commitment to upholding justice and ensuring that all parties fulfill their roles with the utmost fairness.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was impeached by the Texas House of Representatives last month on charges of alleged misconduct, including allegations of leveraging his position to benefit a prominent donor. He has vehemently denied all allegations. As per the Texas Constitution, Paxton is currently suspended from office pending the resolution of the impeachment trial. If acquitted by the Senate, he would be reinstated.

In addition to the impeachment proceedings, Ken Paxton is also under investigation by the FBI for potential abuse of office, while the Justice Department prosecutors in Washington, DC, have taken over a corruption investigation involving him. Furthermore, he faces separate charges of securities fraud in an unrelated case. Paxton has consistently denied all charges and allegations brought against him.

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