“Zombie Killer” Bryan Patrick Miller kidnapped, raped and killed 2 women, one he also decapitated; Sentenced to death


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Melanie Bernas, 17 [9/21/1993]
Angela Brosso, 21 [11/8/1992]

Find-A-Grave: Melanie Beth Bernas
Find-A-Grave: Angela Marie Brosso
Judge Finds Bryan Patrick Miller Guilty on All Counts
Bryan Patrick Miller found guilty of killing two in Arizona ‘canal killings’ trial
Bryan Patrick Miller Sentenced to Death
Judge finds Bryan Patrick Miller guilty in ‘canal killings’ trial
Bryan Patrick Miller’s defense team argues for life in prison over death penalty
Bryan Patrick Miller sentenced to death for early 1990s murders
‘Zombie Hunter’ Sentenced to Death for 1990s Murders of 2 Women in Phoenix
Bryan Miller, Phoenix man dubbed “The Zombie Hunter,” sentenced to death for 1990s murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas
‘Beyond the pale’: Judge orders death penalty for ‘Zombie Killer’ who murdered and 2 women, decapitating 1
Phoenix man convicted of killing 2 young women in early 1990s sentenced to death
“Zombie Hunter,” Convicted of 1990s Arizona Canal Murders, Sentenced to Death



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