Operation Identify Me: Black Notice


Interpol LogoA Black Notice is an Interpol alert that is issued to law enforcement agencies worldwide in order to gain information about unidentified bodies.

In this case, we are dealing with twenty-two unidentified women. They were found in the area covering Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

However, that does not mean that they were killed in these three countries. All cases are decades old.

This is the first time a Black Notice has been issued to identify these women.

If you follow this link you will find case descriptions, facial reconstructions, photography with jewelry and clothing, distinctive tattoos, crime scene photography, etc. Please note this heads-up for content that some people may find disturbing.

With some of the murdered women believed to have come from specific regions in Eastern Europe, identifying them may also provide evidence on the perpetrators of these crimes. Anja Allendorf of the German police said: “In similar investigations, establishing the victim’s identity ultimately has led to the arrest of a suspect.

For biological relatives who believe one of the women could be their missing loved one, national police once contacted can liaise with INTERPOL for international DNA comparison. Contact forms are at the bottom of each case summary.”

Each case has its own contact page so make sure that you contact the right authorities.

Interpol stands for the International Criminal Police Organization. This is an inter-governmental organization with 195 member countries. Interpol assists police and collaborates where they can. They share information on crimes and criminals, and offer a wide range of technical and operational support. More information about Interpol is here.

Last, please share this post online. Let’s give these women their names back and bring answers to their families. Thank you for helping.


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