The Disappearance of Brianna Maitland •


The Investigation of Brianna Maitland’s Disappearance

Jillian Stout saw the note that Brianna had left her on Friday and then spent the weekend away. When she came home on Monday, she noticed that Brianna’s note was in the same spot, suggesting that Brianna had not been home. It wasn’t until the next day, March 23, 2004, that Jillian and Kellie, Brianna’s mother, were in contact and they realized Brianna had not been heard from for a couple of days. After calling Brianna’s friends and work places, and learning that Brianna had not been in contact with anyone, Brianna’s parents filed a missing person’s report. They provided photographs of Brianna on March 25, 2004. It was during that visit to the state patrol barracks in St. Alban that they learned that Brianna’s Oldsmobile had been towed and was being held at an impound lot. It had been located one mile from the Black Lantern Inn, where Brianna was employed,


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