The Murder of Sgt. Christopher Fitzgerald •


The Arrest of Miles Pfeffer

On the morning of February 19, 2023, approximately 12 hours after the incident, officers from the United States Marshall’s Service, the Eastern PA Fugitive Task Force, Bucks County Central SWAT, the Philadelphia Police Department Homicide Department, and the Buckingham Police Department arrested Miles Pfeffer. The arrest was made at Pfeffer’s mother’s 22-acre Bucks County estate named Boxley Farm (circa 1760) at 2377 Quarry Road in Buckingham, PA. Pfeffer’s father lives in the small Philadelphia neighborhood named Strawberry Mansion, which has introduced a theory that perhaps Pfeffer was in that section of Philadelphia to visit his father. The arrest was made after law enforcement received confirmation of Pfeffer’s involvement from Pfeffer’s sibling, a teenager who had been one of the three subjects captured on the previous night’s video of the first alleged robbery incident. News sources stated the sibling who had been hiding from view during Pfeffer’s alleged attack on Sgt. Fitzgerald reported it. Further details regarding the two other subjects have not been made public, at this point in the investigation, although the two teenagers were detained for questioning by investigators.


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