The Murder of Cynthia “CeeCee” Hoffman •


The Investigation of Cynthia Hoffman’s Death

Investigators interviewed Denali Brehmer, hoping to gain any additional clues about CeeCee’s disappearance. Brehmer told investigators a different story than what she told the Hoffman family. She stated that CeeCee, Kayden McIntosh, Caleb Leyland, two unnamed minors, and herself had been smoking marijuana when they stopped at the Thunderbird Falls trailhead in Chugiak, near Eagle, AK. The group decided to duct tape each other and take photographs. Brehmer explained CeeCee was duct taped over her mouth, hands, and feet. CeeCee panicked and the group removed the duct tape from her mouth and hands. Once her mouth was uncovered, CeeCee told the group that she was going to report them to the police for kidnapping and sexual assault. Brehmer was in possession of a Keltec 9mm handgun. In response to CeeCee’s threats, McIntosh took the gun from Brehmer and shot CeeCee in the head. The group then pushed her into the Eklutna River at Thunderbird Falls. They drove to another park where they burned the firearm, CeeCee’s clothes, purse, and other personal items.


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