The Farm from Hell: The True Story of Belle Gunness Indiana’s Lady Bluebeard Men Butcher


As was common for a girl of her age and standing, Brynhild, at fourteen, began working for a dairy farm, spending her days herding cattle into the pastures to graze, as well as milking cows, churning butter, making cheese, and performing various other chores.
The Størsets were, by all accounts, a hardworking family, but for all their efforts they were always just right above starving. The situation became so dire that, more than once, Paul had to sign up to receive welfare. It is known that their financial situation grew worse in 1878, when Brynhild was eighteen years old, just a few years before she would leave for America.
Unsurprisingly, Brynhild became obsessed with money. It was a love that would live inside her for the rest of her life, driving her to do the unimaginable, time and time again.

Opinions on young Brynhild’s personality appeared to be split among the residents of her hometown. There were those who sang her praises, including her pastor, Agaton Hansteen, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, as well as her employer. They saw the girl as a good Christian and diligent worker. She was well-versed in the Bible and knew all her prayers. They never had any issue with her misbehaving.


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