The Murder of D’Asia Johnson – TRUE CRIME REPORT


D’Asia Johnson was a young woman who was brutally murdered and dismembered by her ex boyfriend. The investigation into her death is ongoing.

D’Asia Johnson was a 22 year old woman from Brooklyn, New York. She worked at Macy’s and was actively in school in hopes of becoming a teacher. Her family described her as loving and full of life. She was a client of HousingPlus, a non-profit organization that provides stable housing and support to people who are vulnerable, facing domestic violence, have criminal histories, and suffer from mental health issues.

D’Asia Johnson

For the last 2 years, D’Asia faced domestic violence at the hands of her now 23 year old ex boyfriend named Justin Williams. Those close to the victim state that they witnessed the abuse D’Asia faced, as well as hearing Justin make threats of murdering her. Close friends and family stated that she relocated to Cypress Hills in hopes to get away from him. However, this didn’t go as planned as neighbors of D’Asia claim to hear the couple fighting often in their apartment. The cops were often called, but every time they arrived, D’Asia would always tell them everything was okay. She eventually got a restraining order against Justin which he did not abide by.

After Dasia had not been seen or heard from in nearly a week, concerned building security guards went to her apartment to check on her on September 21, 2022. However, Justin and another man in the apartment denied them access inside. They threatened to call the cops, and at some point the men snuck out of the apartment. The guards returned to the apartment soon after and used a master key to open the door. Upon entering, they discovered large amounts of blood, to which they exited the apartment and contacted the police.

Authorities removing the victim’s remains

Upon searching the apartment, the officers made a horrifying discovery of what happened to D’Asia. In the bathroom, there was a meat cleaver and blood inside the bathtub; officers also noted that there was a strong foul smell throughout the apartment. Next to the bathtub were 2 large suitcases. Upon opening the suitcases, officers discovered D’Asia’s dismembered remains inside.

Authorities began searching for D’Asia’s ex boyfriend Justin, who was considered the prime suspect in her murder. After finding him, he was questioned for her murder. Authorities are now searching for 6 witnesses who are believed to be present in the apartment after the time D’Asia was presumed murdered.

Witnesses the authorities are looking for

D’Asia’s family questioned why the apartment security kept allowing her ex-boyfriend into the building when it was known that he abused her often, with several neighbors being a witness to the abuse; as well as the known fact that D’Asia had a restraining order against him and previously locked him out. As of November 2022, Justin Williams was charged with the brutal murder of D’Asia Johnson.

D’Asia’s neighbor/friend mourning her death

It is so heartbreaking what happened to D’Asia. She was working on herself and working to get this man out of her life. Unfortunately, she was in a vulnerable position and obviously afraid of this man. D’Asia’s case shows people that a lot of times victims of these situations need a helping hand and encouragement to get out. Many people may think, “Why don’t the victims just leave?” As someone who has witnessed and was a victim of an abusive relationship, leaving isn’t that easy. Victims have to calculate and plan their escape in fear of what their abuser may do to them. D’Asia had a plan, but the monster got in the way of that. I truly feel for D’Asia and her family and I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

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