Weird True Stories That Sound Made Up


However, the doctor assigned the autopsy of the celebrated scientist after his passing on April 18, 1955, had a different idea.

That morning, Dr. Thomas Harvey was excited to be chosen to be the one to perform the autopsy. He knew that the scientific genius left behind specific guidelines but deep down inside, he felt it was a waste. Dr. Harvey decided to remove the brain anyway. How would he get the brain out of the lab without people knowing what he was doing? The doctor thought long and hard and crafted a plan that he knew would work.

After carefully removing Einstein’s brain, he cut the organ into over two hundred pieces and stashed them in mason jars that he had topped off with celloidin. This procedure would allow him to preserve the pieces of Einstein’s brain for further tests later. Of course, once the family took possession of the body, it became apparent that something was missing. Enraged that someone had taken his father’s brain, Hans Albert stormed into the doctor’s office and demanded that it be returned, but the doctor refused. Dr. Harvey began to explain why it was essential to study his father’s brain and through concise and logical argument, he convinced the young Einstein to let him do just that.


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